The Old Crow

Former Leader of the Crimson Callers - Deceased


An old, crooked man who has become frail with old age. He wears an all black robe decorated with feathers .


Some years before our story began, the Old Crow formed a criminal organization and named it the Crimson Callers. Compared to other gangs, their methods were not as brutal given that the Old Crow was a firm believer in the Raven Queen. He believed in the sanctity of death, and would not tolerate the injury of innocent bystanders seeing as how it was not yet their time.
Perhaps it was this code of conduct that rendered them ineffective against the more remorseless gangs such as the Jackals, Burning Witches, and Black Tongues, who stop at nothing to fulfill their goals.

Eventually, the Crimson Callers faded into obscurity, and only a handful of members remained loyal to their Crow-father. They would continue to serve him faithfully since he treated them with respect, which was something they had not known before.

As death drew nearer for the Old Crow, his frustrations with life flared up and drove him to try unorthodox methods of dealing with rival gangs. He eventually came up with the idea of pitting them against each other and that to accomplish this, he would have to employ “nobodies” so they could not be traced back to him.

He charged his most trusted servant Landros to hand pick individuals that could potentially aid him. For a while, the ragtag group of misfits seemed to actually be effective, until they framed the Black Tongues for one of their missions. This incurred the anger of the group of assassins who managed to track Landros down and followed him to their base below the sewers of Carn. A horned masked figure beat him down and eventually killed him.

The Old Crow

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