Misdeeds & Murderous Habits

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As the Crow Dies
A Prelude to Possibility

Our story begins in the bustling city of Guarn, a trade center for the magical continent of Knosis. There, deep in the bowels of the City hid an Old Crow who brought together a misfit band of ruffians to do his bidding.  In the past the Crow had been the leader of a prominent crime gang known as the Crimson Callers, though they had long withered into obscurity. Outnumbered and outmatched by the likes of the Jackals and the Burning Witches, the Old Crow grew resentful until at long last he decided to act. With his new "recruits" he sought to cast his old enemies into conflict and emerge like a carrion bird and feed off of the ensuing carnage.  

His plan worked, but for a moment. Within a few days the Burning Witches were already hunting down Jackals at their dens, and his new hires were close to scoring a crate full of precious jewels that he could surely use to fund his operations in the future. But when the group framed the Black Tongues for the extermination of some thugs, the Old Crow's days became numbered. 

On the day that the jewels were to be claimed, the Old Crow received an unexpected yet familiar visitor.  The masked figure hurt him. 

The masked figure killed him.

And yet, his death would do little to affect the terrible chain of events that had already been set in motion…


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